THE HOME GAME is a new musical adapted from the story by award-winning author Martha Bolton. Specially developed for the musical stage to include all the hallmarks of Bolton's storytelling genius, it is a thoroughly enjoyable spectacular for the entire family you will not want to miss!

For as long as he can remember, handsome Levi Troyer has loved playing baseball. He daydreams about playing in the major leagues, but with his father’s expectations that he remain on the farm, he manages to keep most of his dreaming in check.

All of that changes when a sports talent scout happens into town one day and catches sight of Levi’s amazing fast ball. Impressed with both his pitching and batting skills, the talent scout offers Levi a deal he can’t refuse.

With the decision fully in Levi’s hands and heart, how will he choose between his father’s wishes of an Amish life and his own deepest dreams? What will it cost him? Levi’s journey is one you won’t soon forget in Blue Gate Musicals’ newest Broadway-caliber production, THE HOME GAME – A Son’s Journey, A Father’s Hope.

Blue Gate Musicals knocks another smash musical hit out of the park with The Home Game - bringing, yet another, Broadway-caliber production to Amish country...perhaps even better!

"...big chorus numbers to simple country folk ballads, to a Cuban cha-cha number, to 50s style of music..."